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The Bowen Technique is a gentle, non-invasive yet powerful remedial therapy whereby the practitioner makes small, rolling type movements using fingers and thumbs, across  particular areas of muscles, tendons and connective tissue.There is no bone cracking, massage or deep manipulations involved. Suitable for all ages including babies.

Allow at least an hour for the first treatment.


Mrs K. Hythe

Few people know what the Bowen Technique is all about but I know it works. Not immediately at times but without it there would have been no chance, even with my stick, to walk up those Cornish cliffs. I have found it better than physiotherapy.

Mrs P. Hythe

I first went to Lynne with a painful shoulder which had been a reoccurring problem over the years. I'd not heard of Bowen but couldn't believe how after 3 sessions the pain had completely gone & I had full unrestricted movement. That was last summer and since then I have had no problems with the shoulder. When you first see Lynne she does a thorough assessment which is reassuring and explains everything about the treatment. You know you are in good hands. After my 3rd session, I decided to book in for Bowen treatment as a treat every 2 months. It leaves you feeling calm and relaxed & by going regularly I know that I can nip things in the bud as they arise, but that's just me. You don't have to continue the treatment as maintenance for it to work. You can just go for your treatment and finish. Bowen can help with many different problems and I have recommended friends to Lynne, who have been and told me it has worked for them also. It is a non-invasive and pain free treatment, it is not a fad, it really does work!

Mrs W. Ashford

Had a facial tic which was irritating and at times painful. The day after treatment, the twitch lessened and 3 days after, tic has completely gone...amazing!

Miss H. Brabourne

Had been having headaches for a month and a bad back, tried chiropractic and physio with no results. After 3 sessions of Bowen I was pain free! The results are incredible and so fast! Love Bowen treatment with Lynne!

Mrs W. Ashford

I have an ectopic heartbeat. I tried Bowen after feeling unwell for 3 weeks with my heart beating erractically making me feel very unwell. Within 5 minutes of my first session, my heart was beating regularly. I now have a Bowen treatment whenever I feel a slight flutter and stops it. I also had Bowen when I had calcification in my shoulder, had been in a lot of pain. After treatment my shoulder was agony and then suddenly stopped, my hospital consultant was amazed!

Miss R. Hampshire

Very professional and worked extremely well for me when I came out of surgery to relieve my pain. Thank you!!

Miss R. Canterbury

Had sessions to relieve terribly persistent and frequent headaches after gaining no relief from painkillers and no help from my GP and also to aid a painful left arm and shoulder - results were fast and effective and I felt a lot better in no time! I would have to admit I was a little sceptical before treatment but would 100% return in future, well worth the price. I felt very comfortable and relaxed and will be recommending Bowen with Lynne to everyone!

Mrs R. Australia

I was on a 23 hour flight and had a very sore back. Lynne did some Bowen on me and I received instant relief.

Mrs L. Hawkinge

For the past ten years I have benefitted from the excellent healing qualities of Bowen Therapy and I am now fortunate to be in the hands of the expert, wise and caring Lynne Rodgers.

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me.

LYNNE RODGERS Cert E.C.B.S 01303 268910

Text for call back on 07876312136

Find me on facebook at Lynne Rodgers Bowen Technique to see posts and offers.

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